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Remarketing Campaign Blows Past Benchmarks [Case Study]3 min read

, Director of Audience Marketing & Data July 17, 2020 2 min read

Remarketing Campaign Blows Past Benchmarks [Case Study]3 min read

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Have you ever had a high-impact piece of content that you knew your marketing machine should have gotten more from? It’s not too late! We’ve talked about remarketing as a key part of your digital marketing engine. This case study illustrates how it can be used as part of your shorter-term campaigns to create incredible engagement. See how one company in the veterinary industry repackaged existing content for success in this remarketing campaign.

Increasing Engagement with Remarketing: A Case Study

A veterinary industry company had a strong existing article that they wanted to leverage to generate higher awareness about their product’s unique position in the market.

Our medical and editorial team reworked the article to deliver the content in a proven, practical format that would convert our highly engaged audience of veterinary professionals.

When an individual visited the article, they were added into the remarketing list. They would then receive a quiz on the same topic within 3 days of visiting the article. Next, we leveraged remarketing to cross-promote further educational materials.

The campaign had several goals:

  • Driver higher engagement among those who read the article
  • Convert engaged individuals into participation in an interactive quiz
  • Analyze intel generated through the interactive quiz for greater audience insights
  • Collect audience information from the interactive quiz for future nurturing

Campaign Details

MessagingThe campaign highlighted a specific health concern with broad veterinary audience appeal. Remarketing efforts provided veterinarians with a tactical solution via a self-assessment of performance related to the specific health concern, to improve their standard of care for the niche condition.
TimelineThis digital campaign ran for 3 months.
Target AudienceThe original article was advertised to viewers of that were engaging with similar topics. After users engaged with the initial article, remarketing efforts were deployed to reactivate users with the new quiz.

Capturing Interest

This campaign used a series of steps to capture and engage the right audience at the right time.

  • Promotion of the article
  • Segmentation of article viewers into a list
  • Delivery of remarketing engagement email to the segment of engaged viewers 3 days after the initial engagement
    • This email contained a strong call-to-action to engage in an interactive self-assessment quiz.

Campaign Results

This campaign significantly outperformed Brief Media’s benchmarks and drew high engagement because of the engaging nature of the remarketing call-to-action.

  • 1,232 total unique, identifiable users for engagement sequence
  • 41.7% open rate on remarketing email (compared to 22.2% benchmark)
  • 50.5% click-through rate on remarketing email (compared to 8.3% benchmark)

Eliciting Short-Term Engagement with Brief Media’s Digital Products

This campaign demonstrates the value of adding remarketing tactics to short-term engagement campaigns. This campaign increased awareness on the niche clinical topic and created memorable engagement with an interactive approach.

Brief Media’s ability to target your niche audience enables you to craft nimble short-term awareness campaigns for your brand.

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