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Make the Most of Your Conference Content After the Show Is Over4 min read

, Veterinary Marketing Specialist January 20, 2023 3 min read

Make the Most of Your Conference Content After the Show Is Over4 min read

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We know you’re hustling like Buzz Lightyear preparing for a visit from Star Command, creating your 2023 conference content. But do you know what you’ll do with it after the pallets have gone home? After the hype of Mickey and the dazzle of Vegas have faded? Do you close the curtain on the content you worked so hard on? Of course not!

Luckily, there are a lot of simple ways to extend the life of your tradeshow content through the entire year. Take a look!

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Spread Your Conference Content Around

After rolling up your video editing sleeves to create engaging content for the monitors at your tradeshow booth, don’t can them once it’s over. Here are some post-event opportunities for keeping your great video content rolling.

  • Give it to your sales reps. Equip your sales team with these videos to enhance virtual presentations or in-office demos.
  • Post it on YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is actually the second-largest search engine? That’s inspiration to upload your new content to your YouTube channel.
  • Add it to your website. Embed relevant videos throughout your website to add an interactive element to your pages.
  • Turn it into social snippets. Pull out high-impact 10-30 second clips for paid social ads and organic posts.
  • Use it in your upcoming webinars. Provide relevant clips to your key opinion leaders for use in their presentations, and leverage them as interactive media in your next webinar. 

Turn Conference Content into Sales Collateral

If it’s raining brochures at your booth, here are creative ways to take your sales collateral beyond the print brochure.

  • Make stand-alone infographics. If your sales collateral has diagrams or illustrations showing how your product is made or used, repurpose them into stand-alone infographics for sales, social, email, and website.
  • Update your sales email sequences. One-to-one sales sequence emails are easy to “set and forget.” After the tradeshow audit, update follow-up email sequences with shiny new collateral.
  • Add new assets to your image library. Don’t forget to add new photos you took (or created) to your image library for future educational pieces, webinars, or promotional content.
  • Repackage key pieces into co-branded tools for distributor partners. If distribution is part of your sales strategy, don’t forget to co-brand and share new pieces.

Break Up Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Content

If you had a speaker on the podium, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to create shorter clips with that long-format content.

  • Create a webinar. Work with a KOL to present the same content on a webinar. If you need help producing or promoting your webinar, the Brief team can help!
  • Repackage the content into an e-book. This one requires a little advanced planning. Bring your phone to the presentation and record the talk so you can piece together the key highlights with the slides after the show. 
  • Create co-branded Clinical Notes with Clinician’s Brief. Depending on your KOL’s presentation, the Brief team can work directly with your KOL to develop a 2- or 4-page manuscript from their conference slide deck and publish the Clinical Notes in Clinician’s Brief and on These Clinical Notes will receive traffic for the entire year. Contact us to get started.

Share Those Show Photos

Don’t forget to snap photos at the booth! They play a role in your at-show strategy—and your future marketing.

  • Share at-show social media. Post photos from your show booth on your social channels, especially on stories. Tag the show for maximum exposure and make sure you’re visually showing your audience why they need to stop by and see you.
  • Make a post-show summary. Curate a post-show newsletter where you summarize the key highlights from the show and share your conference photos. If you did a show promotion and are planning to do another one at other events during the year, let your audience know they can get in on the fun at an upcoming event.
  • Store them away for your 2024 trade show pre-promotion needs. Because when we blink, it will be 2024.

Take your show content to new heights.

Contact the Brief Media team today to start a conversation on how you can get more from your 2023 show content!

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