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The Veterinarian’s Essential Summer Reading List3 min read

, Veterinary Marketing Specialist June 27, 2023 3 min read

The Veterinarian’s Essential Summer Reading List3 min read

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A summer reading list is always a great idea, even for the busy veterinarian.

If you’re wondering how to give veterinarians the information they need in a format they’ll appreciate, we’ve got good news. There are plenty of creative ways to reach busy veterinarians. Here are 10!

For some, June, July, and August means having the time to cool off and catch up on reading. For practicing veterinarians, it usually doesn’t help. Between coordinating time off and meeting the extra demands of pet owners, veterinarians stay busy all summer long.

1. Hot Weather Webinars

Short webinars on hot, timely topics can sizzle in the summer months. Skip the CE and static slides in favor of a high-impact approach. Try a panel webinar discussion about a summertime condition with a live audience and the chance to ask questions. Or use humor to create a fun short summer webinar series. Creating a sense of urgency is key. And you won’t need CE to drive participation if your topic is hot.

2. Hard Hitting Lists

Create concise lists of digestible insights veterinarians can use. Gate your lists for lead generation, or post them ungated on your blog as a value-add.

Pro tip: If you are not gating your lists, consider retargeting veterinarians who engage with them on social media. You can retarget them with gated content or product information to generate leads—and increase sales!

3. Topic-Focused Reading Plans

Sponsor a topic-focused reading plan through Clinician’s Brief. Choose from one of the planned programs: anesthesia, dermatology, nutrition, behavior, endocrinology, personal development—or you can suggest a topic that aligns with your brand!

Veterinarians who enroll receive six articles over 30 days on the featured topic. Sponsors can customize the content or enhance plans with a fun incentive, like a prize drawing.

Upon completion, participants gain access to a landing page resource center containing the plan and all of the readings and content pieces from the plan sponsor. The sponsor can opt to send an email about their product as the final piece of the program.

Reading plan sponsorships include promotion with 200,000 guaranteed impressions to drive enrollment and can be used for lead generation if database growth is the goal.

Contact the Brief Media team today to discuss your summer reading plan.

4. Instantly Gratifying Infographics

Turn complex concepts into easy-to-understand visuals. These can be bench-side guides, pet owner posters or handouts, one-page how-tos, or industry trends and statistics.

5. Poppin’ Pet Trends

Provide veterinarians with quick summaries of industry trends. Ensure they’re current and timely, and present them in a newsletter, infographic, or blog post.

6. Va-Va-Video

Nothing makes veterinarians perk up and take notice like short videos. Utilize them to deliver high-impact education. Peer testimonials, explainers, and short educational segments are great for video. Or pull out short, impactful clips from existing webinars.

7. One-Two-Step

Visual how-tos are a great way to provide quick education. You can teach customers how to utilize your product or educate prospects about synergistic procedures. Gate these guides to launch a robust remarketing and retargeting campaign.

8. FAQ Fresh Cuts

Create FAQs for common questions about a specific topic. They provide quick education in an easy-to-print format.

9. Cool Cases

Veterinarians are always searching for practical solutions to daily challenges. Help them work more efficiently with a series of short case studies, like a collection of visual before-and-after scenarios along with step-by-step instructions. Use a team-based approach to learning to activate the entire team!

10. Save-The-Day Summaries

New research is published at a regular pace in the summer months, even if veterinarians are doing double time. Go the extra mile and summarize the key points for them.

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