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5 Lead Generation Ideas That Repurpose Content You Already Have6 min read

, Veterinary Marketing Specialist April 30, 2020 5 min read

5 Lead Generation Ideas That Repurpose Content You Already Have6 min read

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When quickly shifting your marketing strategy in response to a crisis, the immediate demand for new content can feel overwhelming. Don’t stress! Let’s take a look at ways you can repurpose existing content to support your evolving initiatives—and ultimately generate sales-ready leads.

Repurposing content is a great way to quickly develop new campaigns that give new life to your lead pipeline. There is nothing wrong with recycling content. Most marketers get tired of their own content before it’s fully done its job in the market.

Try these 5 campaign ideas to repurpose content you’ve already created and connect with new audiences.

1. Offer Online CE for Veterinary Professionals

Got a library of quality webinar content? Consider applying for RACE approval on a few strategic webinars that can contribute to your overall lead generation initiatives.

Webinars that are 50-60 minutes long are ideal for CE approval. If you have several webinars that educate on different aspects of a single topic, consider getting each of them approved for an hour of CE. Then you can either market them on their own as on-demand webinars or you can package them as a cohesive multi-hour online course.

Make sure the webinars you submit for consideration to the AAVSB RACE program are not promotional in nature. This will hasten the approval process and minimize revision requests.

2. Re-Air Popular Content

Consider re-airing your most popular content or content that is most likely to result in conversions of more sales-ready leads. You can use this strategy with webinar and podcast content.

If you have resources that you’ve only offered to your customers or your internal database of leads, consider repurposing this content and airing to an expanded audience.

To reach a new audience, leverage media partners to distribute your invitation. You can also collaborate with other companies or industry influencers to cross-promote your content.

Here are two ways to consider presenting your value proposition for re-aired content:

  1. “The Vault”
    If the content was very popular, or you’ve never offered a recording, consider the Disney Vault approach. Market limited-time access or exclusivity to create value and buzz around the re-offering.
  2. Highlight Relevance
    Alternatively, you don’t have to address that the content has run before. Instead, focus on the current relevance of the content.

3. Build Nurturing Programs That Convert

Are you using marketing automation in your campaigns? Repurpose content to build out nurturing programs and launch quick lead generation programs. If you don’t have the internal capability to build this type of sequence, reach out to a media partner. They can help you craft a nurturing funnel based on your campaign goals.

Step 1: Audit Your Content

Catalog your existing articles, case studies, research papers, webinars, e-books, on-demand CE, infographics, and testimonials. Create categories and assign each asset to a category to determine where the content connects.

Step 2: Establish Program Goals

Identify the outcome you want to achieve from your nurturing program. Do you need top-of-funnel lead generation or are you looking for sales-ready lead conversion? Maybe you need current customers to increase their use of your product. Or perhaps you’re looking for improved veterinarian-to-pet-owner communication about your product.

Once you’ve determined these goals, evaluate which content from your audit aligns with the goals of your program. Create key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you can use data to measure the success of your program.

Step 3: Package Content into a Cohesive Program

Create a topic-specific program based upon the content from your audit. Combine 3-5 pieces of content to create a prospect nurturing path. Make sure you have secondary calls to action on each stage of the journey to convert prospects into next steps.

Step 4: Ask Qualifying Questions at Campaign Opt-In

Include high-value qualifying questions in your campaign sign-up form. Evaluate what information will help your team accomplish the program goals established in step 2. Make sure this information is readily accessible to your sales team.

Step 5: Craft Your Deployment Strategy

Create a promotional plan. This may include in-house email and social media, sales team promotion, and cross-channel exposure through a media partner to reach a new target audience.

4. Build Topic-Based Resource Centers

If you’re not ready to build out advanced nurturing programs because of time or resource restrictions, you can combine cohesive topic-based assets into a resource center. This resource center can be as simple as a landing page with assets, or as advanced as a microsite with content-specific pages. Use your marketing channels to drive traffic to your resource center.

Place high-value content behind a form to collect leads. You could even gate the entire page with a one-time form submission that unlocks access to all assets.

5. Repurpose Long-Form Content

Repurpose content from your existing webinars to create shorter, bite-size learning opportunities. You can use these as stand-alone content pieces, or you can use them to drive traffic to watch the existing webinar on-demand.  Alternatively, if you decide to re-run the webinar, you can use these assets to drive registrations.

  • Blogs: Take key concepts from the webinar and narrow them into short, topic-specific blog posts. Include a secondary call to action to watch the webinar on-demand for more detailed information.
  • Infographics: Create a summary of the webinar in the form of an infographic. Highlight the problem, share the solution, and show practice results. Include visualized data for added credibility.
  • Sound Bites for Social: Take key quotes from the webinar and overlay them on an image for a high-impact social media post. Or, take a 60-second snippet from the webinar and leverage it to drive traffic to the on-demand resource.

More advanced content marketers might consider repurposing content from popular blog posts into a podcast. Also, if your brand has usage data about your product, you may also want to leverage internal data to create case studies.

3 Areas for Success

Audience Success Tips

  • Identify Your Audience: Determine who you want to reach with your content. You may want to target a group with specific behavioral or demographic characteristics to optimize conversions.
  • Know Your Audience: Develop your marketing message to meet the specific needs of your target audience. Proving value in your promotional messaging will earn your campaign higher conversions.
  • Reach Your Audience: If you are repurposing content that was recently used with your internal database, you may elect to leverage a media partner to gain access to a new audience.

Tactical Success Tips

  • KPIs: Establish KPIs up front. You can develop dashboards to give key stakeholders easy access.
  • A/B Test: Employ A/B testing on all promotional email subject lines. Email is a noisy place right now. Optimizing opens should be your top priority.
  • Overall Campaign Metrics: Evaluate campaign metrics constantly and pivot to optimize conversions. Metrics to watch include email open rates, click through rates, social engagement, lead conversions by channel, and lead-to-opportunity conversion rates.

Conversion Success Tips

  • Identify Nurturing and Sales Path Before Campaign Launch: You can generate a lot of top of funnel leads, but your ROI will only be as good as your sales hand-off and follow-up plan. Create the plan for how leads will flow through your internal process before kick-off.
  • Sales Team Training and Resources: Provide your sales organization with training on the internal process associated with your campaign, and any supportive content resources that they need to execute lead-to-opportunity conversions.
  • Conversion Reporting: Monitor short- and long-term conversions through your CRM to maximize long-term ROI. Content-driven campaigns require nurturing from the sales organization.

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