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[Case Study] Benchmark-Busting Campaign Results with the COPE Approach2 min read

, DVM, Director of Sales July 14, 2021 2 min read

[Case Study] Benchmark-Busting Campaign Results with the COPE Approach2 min read

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Can 1+1 ever equal 3? We know… it doesn’t add up. Well, except when it does. Like when you execute a synergistic content promotion strategy across multiple channels using the COPE approach. The COPE approach stands for Create Once, Publish Everywhere. It was popularized by NPR as a method for boosting existing content by attracting attention across multiple distribution channels. The beauty of the COPE approach is that it lets you drive engagement even with limited resources.

In this case study, we’ll take a look at a campaign that drove math-defying results with this approach. You might find a tip or two to help you create the same magic with your content.

Case Study

Our goal with this cross-channel campaign was to drive content consumption without extensive investment in content creation. The COPE approach allowed us to take content originally produced for print placements and repurpose it on a digital microsite.

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In the initial phase of this campaign, digital promotions drove traffic to the content on the microsite. But naturally, the advertiser was looking for more results. Like the 1+1=3 kind of more. So, we made an adjustment to the promotional strategy. This change drove a 270% increase in engagement over the course of one quarter.

Campaign Goals

  • Generate product awareness
  • Drive content engagement
  • Provide education on a narrow topic about a specific species

Campaign Details

  • Print Exposure: Print inserts
  • Digital Exposure: Digital microsite, topic-specific exchange and quiz
  • Promotional Vehicles for Microsite: Brief Bytes, email, native banners, audience extension, social media, and native e-newsletters
  • Messaging: Species-specific, hyper-targeted topic 

Campaign Results

Of the traffic-driving promotional efforts, 83% performed above benchmarks. Banner CTRs performed 20 times better than benchmarks.


This case study shows how print and digital placements can be used together to create “1+1=3” kind of results.

For more information or to get started with your own campaign, contact us today!

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