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[Case Study] Let Engagement Be Your Guide to Content Creation2 min read

, DVM, Director of Sales August 28, 2021 2 min read

[Case Study] Let Engagement Be Your Guide to Content Creation2 min read

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You know about engagement, and you know about content. Now, we’re going to connect the dots and create a content strategy that pleases even the most finicky of audiences.  

In this case study, we’ll look at how one company analyzed email and newsletter clicks over the course of a quarter to develop content they knew their audience would like. Let’s dig in!

Spoiler alert: Cats rule, and dogs drool!


The goal of this cross-channel digital campaign was simple—give this veterinary audience more of what they love and increase engagement. 

Campaign Goals

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Drive cross-channel digital engagement
  • Identify topics of interest for content development and curation

Campaign Details

  • Audience: Anyone who engaged with email and newsletter ad content
  • Content Identification: Click analysis of content over a set quarter 
  • Advertising Channels: Email and social

Target Audience

The team gathered the campaign’s target audience based on content engagement with a mix of email and newsletter ads over the course of a quarter. The rationale being that if they engaged in the past, they would again (and at a higher level). That is if they get more of what they want.

Target Content

The content was chosen after an in-depth look at the target audience’s click behavior from the previous quarter. A mix of content had been deployed, including some focused on dogs, some on general awareness, and some on…cats. Oh yes, cats ruled the clicks!

Armed with these insights, the team strategized a new campaign that was perfectly aligned with their audience’s love of feline-focused content. 

Campaign Results

Give people what they want and the results can be magical.

Email Performance

51% Email Open Rate 

6.41% Email Click-Through Rate

Social Performance

The team saw a 4% engagement rate on social media and audience extension ads retargeted to the engaged audience. This tactic provided an additional lift with the success of the email.


The power of reading the room (or your audience’s click behaviors, in this case) is really highlighted in this study. Identifying the right audience and giving them what they like results in more engaged prospects and higher conversions—plain and simple.

Let’s start on your own intelligence-informed content campaign. Contact us today!

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