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The Lead Generation Remix3 min read

, Veterinary Marketing Specialist March 22, 2022 3 min read

The Lead Generation Remix3 min read

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You will always need quality content for robust lead generation. Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time!

Investing in new content to meet your lead generation goals isn’t always an option. But if you’ve already got great content, you have a ton of opportunities to turn up the volume on lead generation. Are you ready? Grab your glow sticks and dust off your best dance moves… we’re about to get down with a lead gen remix.

Get started with your feet on solid ground. Know what they want first.

Step 1: Repackage for Lead Generation

Long-form content is a treasure trove of repackaging opportunities for lead generation. Make a list of all your relevant in-depth content and find the smaller pieces of interesting content. Create a variety of media for your audience to engage with (eg, quizzes, podcasts, articles, webinars).

Ideas for Getting Started

Repackaging longer pieces into short-form content lets you get more exposure for the quality content you’ve already created. Here are a few ideas to get started, depending on the content you have available.


  • Create a podcast episode with the audio track.
  • Create an infographic that illustrates a complex concept.
  • Generate a visual treatment algorithm.
  • Create a series of blog posts or e-book from the transcription.
  • Create a quick guide of key takeaways.
  • Create a synergistic pet owner handout toolkit.
  • Create short, social-media-friendly videos.


  • Reposition key takeaways for a specific job role with the clinic.
  • Hire a voiceover actor to read the article and create a podcast episode from it.
  • Assemble a panel of experts to have a fireside chat webinar to discuss their perspectives on the article.
  • Create an infographic or algorithm.
  • Develop a multi-part email series to feed prospects the article in bite-sized snippets.
  • Deploy a synergistic quiz or survey. 


  • Create an email series with key takeaways.
  • Pull out short snippets and create social-media-friendly videos.
  • Create an infographic or algorithm.
  • Create a synergistic pet owner handout toolkit. 

Step 2: Repurpose for Lead Generation

After repackaging your content, establish the goals of your new arsenal. Snack-sized content works best. This helps determine how to organize the content, where to publish it, and how to add to it to create the best experience for your prospect.

Top of Funnel Lead Generation

  • Use the long-format content as the lead magnet.
  • Use the short-format content as a teaser/introduction to encourage engagement with the in-depth content.
  • Form protect the long-format content for lead generation.

Nurture Current Leads

  • Craft your ideal prospect educational journey.
  • Use marketing automation or media programs to distribute each piece of content to align with the buyer’s journey.
  • Augment your bite-sized pieces of content with synergistic studies, testimonials, and industry articles.
  • Include secondary CTAs on all communications for a sales meeting. 

Educate, Cross, and Upsell to Current Customers

  • Develop an automation sequence to educate customers about the value of a new product.
  • Organize content from general to specific.
  • Include secondary CTAs on all content for a sales meeting.

Step 3: Republish for Lead Generation

Now comes the fun—time to get exposure for your “new” library of content. Create a comprehensive communication plan for your campaign of repackaged content. If your goal is lead generation, make sure your communications plan includes partnership with a media company. Working with a media partner ensures you’re attracting new leads.

Ideas for Publishing

  • In-depth lead magnets (e-books, webinars, videos, case studies, quizzes): Promote these high-value pieces of content through media partnerships via email, retargeting on social media, remarketing based on content consumption behaviors, etc.
  • Podcasts: Collaborate with media to house and promote your podcast episode.
  • Pet owner or team toolkits: These can be used both as lead magnet content or as part of a nurturing sequence after a lead has converted.
  • Infographics and algorithms: Leverage a social and email strategy for distribution.
  • Key takeaways: Use in-house or third-party emails to deliver a cadence of key takeaway emails. 

Ready to drop your own remix?

The Brief Media team can help assess your content and develop a plan to repackage, repurpose, and republish your best long-form content. Reach out today to get started! 

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