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[Case Study] Topic-Focused Campaign Engages Veterinary Audience2 min read

, Director of Audience Marketing & Data December 10, 2020 2 min read

[Case Study] Topic-Focused Campaign Engages Veterinary Audience2 min read

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The combination of high-quality topic-specific content and an engaged veterinary audience produced outstanding results in this case study. Read on to learn how one brand turned targeted clinical content into valuable veterinary leads.


This advertiser’s primary goal was to drive engagement with content centered around a core clinical topic. The content included a CE webinar, client compliance support material, and several articles.

A secondary goal was to convert leads via an on-demand CE webinar. Instead of a multi-step nurturing program, the content was packaged into a single topic-focused newsletter featuring 5 pieces of narrowly focused content.

Audience engagement, segmented by content item, was available for future nurturing programs to further engage and convert based on click behavior.

This proved to be a winning strategy: engagement rates for the topic newsletter far surpassed benchmarks when compared to non–topic-focused email deployments.   

Campaign Goals

  • Generate content awareness
  • Drive email open and click-through engagement
  • Convert leads via a CE webinar
  • Provide in-depth education on a specific clinical topic

Campaign Details

AudienceThe audience was carefully selected based on behavioral and demographic data.
Behavioral Criteria: Veterinarians who received and opened similar newsletters in the last 6 months
Demographic Criteria: Veterinarians in the United States
ContentNarrow, singular topic focus
DeliveryA/B tested subject lines

Campaign Results

This targeted approach produced benchmark-busting engagement:

  • Open Rate: 45.5% (133% better than third-party email open rate benchmarks)
  • Click-Through Rate: 14.6% (96% better than third-party email click-through rate benchmarks)

Topic-Focused Newsletter Performance

The topic-focused newsletter format has been widely successful. When compared to other non–topic-focused emails, the topic newsletter performs significantly better:

  • Average Open Rate: 48% better than third-party email performance
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 112% better than third-party email performance

This case study highlights the stellar outcomes possible when a suite of topic-focused content is packaged and delivered to a group of veterinarians who have shown engagement with the topic in the past.  

Interested in building your own topic-focused campaign to reach relevant veterinary professionals? We can help with that.

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