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Why Veterinary Podcasts Are So Popular3 min read

, Veterinary Marketing Specialist September 3, 2020 2 min read

Why Veterinary Podcasts Are So Popular3 min read

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Over the last several years, podcasts have emerged as a preferred method of media consumption across many industries. And the veterinary industry is no exception. Here’s why podcasts warrant your attention as part of your marketing mix:

Veterinary podcasts have become popular as a valuable information distribution channel. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why they’re taking off in our industry.

Mobile Consumption for On-the-Go Veterinarians

Data indicates that media consumption will rise by more than 1 hour per day this year. Interestingly enough, we’re observing trends that media consumption by channel is decreasing very little. Instead, consumers are adding new channels and spending more time consuming media—rather than reallocating their investment. Podcasts are an emerging channel snagging up some of the new attention. They offer a convenient alternative to reading that may be better structured for the hectic schedule of busy veterinary professionals.

On-Demand Listening for Time-Starved Professionals

Podcasts fit neatly into the category of on-demand media. Distribution platforms enable consumers to customize content preferences and produce an environment conducive to binge-listening.

Like other forms of on-demand media, ad segments are typically very short in podcasts. Where television contains approximately 16 minutes of advertisements per hour, podcast ads typically last only 4 minutes per hour.

Conducive to Multitasking

In 2020, the average veterinarian has only gotten busier. Podcasts are an obvious content source for busy veterinary professionals. A well-crafted podcast can make it easy to catch up on clinical education or industry news while driving or exercising.

Other media channels often fall victim to second-screening (eg, watching television while also looking at a phone, tablet, or laptop). While a veterinary podcast listener may be splitting their attention, they’re typically less distracted than they would be while second-screening.

Listeners can only engage in one audio experience at a time. Podcasts typically share attention with a quiet or focused activity. As a result, they tend to have higher attention and retention rates than other shared media scenarios.

Connection During a Disconnected Time

Most veterinary podcasts focus on storytelling or educational topics. During a time when face-to-face connection is difficult, a well-crafted podcast can offer a sense of connection. Many are turning to podcasts for education during a time when live educational opportunities are unavailable.

How to Leverage Podcasts for Your Brand

Podcasts typically have limited advertising spots. The average 1-hour episode includes only 4 minutes of advertising. When placed around relevant programming, these ads can be very successful.

Here are a few pro-tips to help your podcast ads convert:

  • Make sure you know podcast listener numbers before you place your ad
  • Set up a custom URL for conversion tracking
  • Measure the success of your placement through website visits and conversions
  • Keep your script brief, clear, and direct
  • Offer a strong, direct CTA

Podcasts aren’t going anywhere. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the potential reach and engagement that high-quality veterinary podcasts can offer your brand.

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