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Reimagined Plumb’s™ Mobile App Wins Gold in the 2023 VETTY Awards3 min read

January 26, 2023 2 min read

Reimagined Plumb’s™ Mobile App Wins Gold in the 2023 VETTY Awards3 min read

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The new Plumb’s™ mobile app has taken top honors in the 6th annual Animal Health Marketing Awards (also known as the VETTYs) at this year’s NAVC Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX).

Launched in July 2022, the new mobile app allows subscribers to work with Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™ on their phone just as easily as they do on their desktop computer. 

It took a village of veterinarians to make an app this great 

The redesigned Plumb’s™ app is simpler and more intuitive for veterinarians to navigate—right from the first search. It boasts a fresh user interface, new compact views, refined search functionality, and a long list of other time-saving features that all come together to create a more streamlined experience. 

Veterinarians have found the Plumb’s™ app reliable and easy to use—and that’s by design. Plumb’s™ tapped into its community of veterinarians, pharmacists, and contributors for insight, feedback, and testing to build an app finely tuned to their needs, according to Plumb’s™ Product Manager, Dana Miles.

“The new Plumb’s app is a direct response to our users’ feedback. We take their input seriously when we are making improvements,” Miles noted, adding, “All of the communication, reviews, and requests we have from our users helped guide us in building a better tool that not only saves veterinarians time in practice but gives them greater freedom to work confidently with Plumb’s no matter where their practice takes them.”

Explore the award-winning Plumb’s™ mobile app for iOS here and Android here

A big win for Plumb’s™, a bigger win for veterinarians

This win marks the fourth VETTY award in the last few years for the Plumb’s™ team. It’s a track record that might tempt some teams to start buffing their collective fingernails, but the success hasn’t gone to their heads. Instead, the launch of the mobile app and its subsequent accolades are encouragement to roll up their sleeves and continue to innovate for the benefit of veterinarians, according to Chief Revenue Officer, Christie Bardo. 

“The launch of the new mobile app was hugely important in the evolution of Plumb’s, and we’re thrilled that it’s been recognized for helping veterinarians achieve a better workflow,” Bardo said. “There is still a dire need for trusted clinical support worldwide, and we are staying committed to giving these overworked heroes the tools they need to provide their best patient care.”

The VETTYs are the first and only awards competition to reward marketing excellence in the animal health community. We are honored to be recognized alongside agencies and companies leading the way in this rapidly growing marketing space.

Awards were collected at VMX 2023 in Orlando, Florida, January 16-17, 2023.

See the full list of winners on the VETTY website.

About Plumb’s™

Plumb’s™ is an essential point-of-care clinical resource with all the information veterinary teams need to work up cases, choose treatments, and educate clients—all on one easy-to-use, continually updated platform. From veterinary practices to community pharmacies, thousands of professionals worldwide trust Plumb’s™ for accurate veterinary drug information and practical tools for diagnosis and treatment—everywhere they work. More information can be found at

About The VETTY Awards

The VETTYs were introduced in 2017 by NAVC, the world’s leading not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting the global veterinary health community. They recognize and reward the dedication, passion, and creativity of animal health marketing teams in animal health advertising, design, digital, experiential, and social marketing. You can find more information at

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