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Reflections on the State of the Veterinary Industry with Brief Media’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer3 min read

February 7, 2022 2 min read

Reflections on the State of the Veterinary Industry with Brief Media’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer3 min read

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As we enter another year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Indu Mani, Brief Media’s Chief Scientific Officer, and Elizabeth Green, our CEO and Founder, reflected on the state of the veterinary industry. Dive into their insights and predictions for the coming year.

A Focus on Resilience

The years of 2020 and 2021 have challenged the veterinary profession in novel ways. We are a population perpetually prepared to care for our patients, but the rigors of caring for them in the midst of the global SARS-CoV2 pandemic created constantly emerging challenges. One of the starkest was the need for practitioners to handle a greater quantity of patients but continue to maintain the same medical quality when treating them. The population-at-large has sought solace from newly adopted and purchased companion animals and pets that need medical care. 

Our workforce needs more veterinary professionals but also requires greater support so we can be as resilient as possible. Our veterinary professional infrastructure must be solid enough to support our population. We can’t ask people to do this alone.  

At Brief Media, our focus is the veterinary profession and its resilience. We want to galvanize the profession to ride the waves of demand created by a chronically expanding pandemic. We want to support them intellectually, morally, practically, and emotionally. Brief Media will share ongoing tools, both clinical and nonclinical, to solidify our veterinary infrastructure. We’d like you to be there with us.

Indu Mani, DVM, DSc
Chief Scientific Officer
Brief Media

Supporting Veterinarians in a Rapidly Changing Profession

As Brief Media enters 2022 and our 20th anniversary of Clinician’s Brief, our optimism is tempered by the dramatic impact of a changing veterinary landscape. This new era in the profession is experiencing record pet ownership, all-time-high expenditures on veterinary care, a faster-than-predicted growth of corporate-owned practices, and a COVID-resilient category forecasted for strong growth in the decade to come. Practices struggle to be adequately staffed. The demand for veterinary care exceeds the current supply, and necessary policy changes lag the changing industry’s needs.

Even so, the opportunity for optimized support of veterinary professionals and the pets they care for has never been greater.

In this era of rapid change, our purpose—to care for veterinarians in practice—has never wavered. We know practice isn’t easy. Our mission to guide the most critical decisions in the profession is a commitment to develop and produce the most essential, easy-to-access, clinical support tools—and, yes, to help make practice a bit easier. Clinician’s Brief, Plumb’s, and now Plumb’s Pro engage with over 198,000+ across the globe including over 125,000 US veterinary professionals. This engagement provides us with an unprecedented level of data and insights to build more innovative, customer-centric products as well as leverage our brand trust to connect our marketing partners with this audience in a more meaningful and valued way.

Twenty years ago, a print journal and the fax machine were the most frequent means of reaching our audience, and these means were unable to provide dynamic insight surrounding our audience’s needs and behaviors; today, our digital platforms provide strong data and information about our audience, and data and technology are at the center of all we do. With our evolving portfolio of data products illuminating the most impactful opportunities, our premium media connecting the largest audience in the industry, and progressive marketing services activating customer journeys and resulting in more buyers, the value we deliver to our marketing partners is stronger than ever. We invite you to experience it for yourself. 

Elizabeth Green
CEO and Founder
Brief Media

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