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OnPoint is an industry-leading veterinary audience intelligence database from Brief Media. Reach your ideal audience segment with demographic and behavioral data—from topic interests to a reader’s purchasing role in practice. Then, supercharge your campaigns with OnPoint Programs, designed to attract and nurture your ideal customer.

Supercharge your digital marketing campaigns

OnPoint Programs combine the power of our audience intelligence database with extended reach and hyper-targeted nurturing programs. From off-site and social impressions to strategic email sequences, OnPoint Programs can take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Here’s a quick overview of the OnPoint Programs. For more information, see the full breakdowns below.

  • OnPoint Target delivers a strategic email marketing sequence to your selected audience segment.
  • OnPoint Extend allows you to deliver your messages to a consistent target audience across multiple platforms, wherever they browse the internet.
  • OnPoint LeadScale generates leads and gets them sales-ready with strategic, topic-specific nurturing sequences.
  • OnPoint Social allows you to reach your target audience through Facebook and Instagram news feed ads.

OnPoint Target Program

Nurture your target audience through email marketing. Upgrade from a one-time send to encourage higher engagement from potential customers. Test subject lines, try different creative options, and find the right message to attract potential customers.

OnPoint Extend Program

Deliver your message to a consistent target audience, across multiple platforms. Engage your target audience via off-site network impressions, email marketing, and Facebook advertising.

OnPoint LeadScale Program

Generate leads and accelerate sales via strategic targeting, content deployment, data capture, sales-qualified lead delivery, and reporting.

OnPoint Social Program

Identify your ideal audience and reach them through Facebook and Instagram news feed ads. Need to reach veterinarians who own a practice? Need to reach veterinary professionals who have shown recent interest in parasitology content? We have you covered. Our advanced retargeting capability even allows you to target those who have recently visited

Supercharge your digital marketing campaigns with OnPoint.
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